Google Advanced Search Experience

Google launched new search options at it’s Searchology event held at its Mountain View headquarters to improve search experience of users.

New Google Search Options are giving an advanced search experience with easy to use of navigation. From now on, users will be able to refine their search results deeper according to time, relevance, reviews, timeline and many more.

I especially find it very useful to refine search results only for the last 24 hours which gives fresh content for your topic and I agree with Google’s product manager Kavi Goel that this is a  “step toward making the whole internet smarter.”

Another fantastic feature is Wonder Wheel. When you make a search, it puts your keyword in to the center of the wheel and gives you related search terms. You go deeper and deeper as you click on related terms covering your main search term.

New search features gives an insight to SEO’s for the future strategies. Similar to blended search, new search options welcomes proactive and committing websites in the new search universe.

How do you think new search features will affect SEO practices?

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