Importance of blogging in your internet marketing mix

It was not long ago when blogging started becoming popular amongs internet addicts. I remember creating my first blog, writing things popped in to my mind those days, I felt like i was naked. Today, everyone has a blog!

Below is a list of why blogs are useful for internet marketing:

1. Blogging is an easy way of creating a website or improving the content of a website by adding them as an internal part of a website, bringing many additional features like comments, trackbacks, RSS together.

2. It is a great tool to rank in search engines result pages, attract customers and keep them up to date about your company and products. The more content you create, the more likely search engines index your website and your website ranks in organic search results.

3. It also increases your customers loyalty and interest as long as you reply to comments and let them know that you are listening what they say. If used effectively, blogs can even be turned in to a community.

4. Most bloging systems offer search engine friendly URLs so search engines crawl and rank them easily.

5. They offer RSS feature which helps socialization of your blog in many ways. For example, your blog would be listed in RSS search engines, synicating RSS feeds will let people to read a summary of the website’s recently added content from different sources. Those embedded content would send traffic to your website.

6. Blogging is a great way of improving your link popularity. There are many widgets available to socialize your blog on the web like Twitter, Technorati etc. (I will write about this issue in details soon) Link exchange between blogs is also very common. WordPress does mutual link building automatically between WordPress blogs.

7. Your blog would be listed in blog search engines and directories which is another source of traffic for your website.

8. Blogs offer search engine friendly structures in terms of categorizing the content. The more easy your content is categorized, the more likely you are going to rank for that category.

Those are the benefits of having a blog in terms of SEO and internet marketing especially if you integrate it in to your companies website. Do you think there are other benefits that I haven’t mentioned yet?

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