Joomla URL Optimization Techniques

Joomla can be tricky when it comes to search engine optimization. You need to purchase extentions, modules etc. to achieve the desired results in terms of SEO.

Optimizing URL of a Joomla site should be the first step while setting up a Joomla website. The good news is you can have SEF URL structure while keeping your money in the pocket. Here is how it’s done:

First, go to the global configuration page at your Joomla website. There you will see SEO settings section. You need to configure Search Engine Friendly URLs and Use Apache mod_rewrite as yes. Before you click on the save or apply button, do the following changes in your htaccess.txt file:

Connect to your server and download htaccess.txt file to your computer. Open it using a  text editor then check for  “Options +FollowSymLinks”  and put a # before it. At the end  it should look like this:
# Options +FollowSymLinks

Save the file and upload it again to your web space.  Then rename the file as .htaccess (Dot should come before htaccess and nothing else )

Now you are ready to save your global configuration. Check out your website and enjoy your SEF URLs. Works like a charm isn’t it?

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