More User Engagement with Google Get Answers Gadget

Last week Google launced a new gadget for Google Friend Connect called “Get Answers”. The gadget provides community interaction and engagement to websites such as users can ask questions to website’s community, answer questions asked by other community members and vote answers. Also they can see automatic answers by Google for their questions. The good thing is as long as you become a member to any website which is very easy, other community members can see your profile and visit your website so the gadget is helpful in terms of driving traffic to community members websites as well. I have just added Get Answers Gadget on this site and can’t wait for your participation 🙂

Furthermore, as a siteowner, you can get feedback about your content, revise your website depending on the expectations of your community by enhancing user engagement with Get Answers. Don’t worry, you have control over the content such as deleting the questions or answers if you don’t find them appropriate.

It takes just a few steps to set up Goggle Friend Connect Gadget for your website. You need to have a Google account, upload 2 files to the server of your website then get the code to paste in to your website. Easy as a pie! Let me know when you start using the widget so I will visit you and maybe ask you some tricky questions 🙂

Join in now!

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