On-page Search Engine Optimization Checklist

I always prefer working with checklists to make sure I don’t miss any important tasks while working on a SEO campaign or designing a SEO friendly website. Below is my on-page SEO checklist I’ve came up with at the end. I believe the list can be extended by several topics and I am waiting for your recommendations to enhance it.

So here we go…

Important on-page search engine optimization issues:

Does the URL of the website contain any keywords?
Does the website have a search engine friendly URL structure?
Does the copy of website SEO friendly?
Is there “no-follow” in the code?
Is there a splash page?
Are there too much re-directs?
Are there frames, iframes in the code?
Is there RSS available?
Is there any broken links?
Is 404 pages optimized to direct users to the homepage instead?
Is there any dublicated content?
Is the website accessible?
Is CSS Valid?
Is there a sitemap?
Is there robots.txt file available pointing sitemaps?
Is the content text based?
Does it contain to much Flash?
Is there a footer menu?
Is there an enquiry / contact form available in homepage and it it easy to navigate to contact form?
Is the user journey easy to complete an enquiry or a purchase?
Are metatags specific and relevant for each page?
Are anchor texts targetted and relevant for destination?
Are there relevant keywords used in the content?
Are header tags used in titles?
Is “alt” attribute applied to images and are they relevant and targetted?
Is the navigation flat and easy to follow both for users and search engines?
Is the navigation text-based?
Does navigation contain targetted keywords?
Are there title tags applied for navigation elements?
Does website take long time to upload?
Is the content updated regularly?
Is the content helpful?

Hope this helps…Remember this list is only for on-page issues. So what do you recommend?

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