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Last week, on 25th of June I went to Facebook and saw one of my friends flash post about Michael Jackson’s cardiac arrest. What a shock! As a fan of M.J. since I was a teenager, I felt so sad and hoped he was happy in his last minutes.

Anyway, I made a search and found out there were not many posts yet on the internet, especially in Google.com.tr news page. There was only one news about Michael Jackson’s death so I thought it is a good time to implement some tests on line.

I create a post on my Turkish bookmarking site Linkopedi and avoid using the main keyword for M.J. death “Michael Jackson öldü” and used synonyms instead. Next day, my post ranked #1 for “Michael Jackson vefat etti” term in Google.com.tr, which is another synonym of “Michael Jackson öldü”, although I never used that “exact match” in my post but used other synonyms instead. I guess if I have used both terms in my post and used the most common terms “Michael Jackson öldü” in my title, I would have traffic coming from the main keyword and synonyms.

After one day, I created another post with the main keyword and content but it did’nt get any traffic from search engines cause it was too late!

From this experience, I came up to the result that timing is very important for SEO. If you want to rank high for any upcoming event or news, make sure your website will feed search engines before other websites does. Secondly, using synonyms generates good traffic. Use your main keyword as the king but apply your synonyms whenever possible.

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson! I love you.

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