SEF URL Practices for Better SEO Results

SEO is all about simplicity! Do you think it is too brave to say that but have a look at the techniques you use to optimize a website, you’ll see the more you make the site easy to use and understand, the better you rank.

Optimizing the URL of a website is one of the major steps to rank high in search engines result pages.

A short and descriptive URL, formed of letters instead of numbers or characters like “?.” “=.”, would tell the users the content of the page without seeing the page itself. It also enhances the usability of your website as people will easily remember the URL and spread it around. Dynamic pages are less attractive to search engines compared to static ones. It is related with the complex URL structures. Try to generate static content as much as you can while working on the website. Always remember that what ever makes user experience easy is loved by search engines!

Using keyword in the URL is also a good practice as long as you keep an eye on the density. Avoid using uppercase letters. Remember keeping the URL short one more time while using folders and always use hyphens ( – ) to separate terms in the URL.

Lesson: Optimize your URL structure for happy users, happy search engines and happy customers.

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