Targetted Website Traffic in A Few Minutes

Search Engine Optimization is a very cost-effective method to drive targetted traffic to websites but if you want to appear in first page of Search Result Pages in seconds then the best alternative is a paid advertisement that is called Pay Per Click.

It is a advertising model where advertisers are only charged when someone clicks on their adds in Search Engine Result Pages or in content networks (Websites where paid adds are displayed) You can target your market geographically, schedule your adds to run on specific times of the day so your adds will be shown to a specific location on the specific time. It doesn’t matter whether your budget is big or small, there is always a chance to get your website listed in paid results.

Consider you are selling holiday tickets in UK to Turkey and you have a budget of only £200 month. Best thing to start with is to target Turkish people looking for Turkey Tickets in UK. Prepare your adds and keywords in Turkish and target UK geographically so your adds will be shown only to the people making a search using your Turkish keywords in UK. Avoid using generic keywords and broad match to make the very best of your limited budget and go for exact match or phrase match keywords, use negative keywords when ever necessary. Use traffic estimator and keyword suggestion tools for better insights of keyword selection. As a result, you will see that your adds will bring your targetted traffic to your website and you achive hight return on investment with just a small budget. You can increase your budget in the future as you generate more revenue.

Pay Per Click advertising is accountable way of advertising. You can set a daily budget, maximum cost per click for each keywords and monitor the success of your keywords, campaings all time. You will see how much you spend and how much it converted for your business, start, pause or end a campaing anytime.

If you need help in Pay Per Click advertising, let me know as I am giving PPC services in both English and Turkish. Please comment here if you have other ideas and anything to say for paid advertising so we can discuss.

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